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ASP.NET chart not being embedded in email

Hi Experts,

I am using the code below to capture a pages HTML and send it in an email. The issue is I have introduced a ASP.NET chart but its not being sent in the email? Is there anything I need to do to the chart?

 Dim renderedOutput As StringBuilder
        Dim strWriter As StringWriter
        Dim tWriter As HtmlTextWriter
        Dim html As String

        'create a HtmlTextWriter to use for rendering the page
        renderedOutput = New StringBuilder
        strWriter = New StringWriter(renderedOutput)
        tWriter = New HtmlTextWriter(strWriter)
        'render the page output
        html = renderedOutput.ToString

        mail.Body = html

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Are you using javascript (or jQuery) to create the chart? You can only send simple HTML in an e-mail.

You could try inserting the chart through an iFrame maybe.
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The chart is ASP.NET object that I just dragged from the toolbox and bound some data to it
Can you check the source of the result in a webpage? It will probably show javascript code to generate the chart.
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Thanks ingriT this is the URL

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I am only assuming but I think this will be different everytime it runs. How would I access the generated path during runtime that way I can embedd that URL in the email and see if it opens
You could also create a webpage (ie. Chart.aspx) that only shows this chart, and that way, you can always link it to this page, and not the chart inside the page.
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That sounds like a great idea. How would I link the page? iFrame? or is there a better way
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Yes, an inline image is probably your best option, good luck!
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Found a cleaner solution to embed the chart image by saving the image first then embedding the image to the email.

Also added <td><img src="cid:IMAGE_ID"></td> to the source to location of chart.