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Good morning,
Im wondering if anyone is aware of (or even better has any experience or guides) in setting up offices for VPN?

At work I have several remote sites that I want to be able to access my network. When I asked our support department to do this they came back with £3000 per site (well out of budget).

All I want is some type of VPN concentrator at each site that users can get an IP address through DHCP, and connect to either a single VPN concentrator at my office or server at my site.

The remote sites only has 2-3 people on each site, so nothing hard-core is needed.

Any assistance would be appreciated.

Thank you
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Any VPN device will do, like Cisco RV* series, and those are well below that price. You'll need a better one at your office, but the remote ones can be low-budget.
The Draytek Vigor is also getting more popular over the last years.

It doesn't matter much which devices/brands you choose, as long as you make sure they use IPSec VPN, and the firewall aspect isn't important. I assume you want to allow full access, no web redirection/filtering and stuff.
If you use the same brand everywhere, configuration should be easy, and the Configuration Wizards create useful configurations.
However, you will need a static public IP for most low- to mid-budget devices. Some are able to work with Dynamic DNS addresses for all sites, but most require the HQ  to be static.

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