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Hello there,

I was hoping that someone could perhaps help me with an issue that i am currently experiencing with a mac server. The server is used for file sharing, but for the past few days the the CPU has been going up and down. It seems to come in waves and then goes back to normal. While the CPU is high, users are unable to access the server properly and it becomes very slow.

I have kept an eye on the system and services and saw that what causes the CPU to go up is the AppleSharingService that would goes up to 600%. We have tried to disable things such as spotlight etc, but unfortunately we had no luck in anything. Server restart does not help either.

Any advice, would be much appreciated.

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Anything showing in the logs?  /var/log/messages

- gurutc

What server version are you on?
What os x version are the clients?
How many users are connected to AFP when you notice the spike?
Is this a new problem or has it been going on since a recent change?
Are your users using network homes or just mounting a share?

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