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IE11 GPO Deployment Issues - Unable to type into text Fields after upgrade

Hello, We are pushing out updates of IE from v9 and v10 to v11. I have used IEAK11 to configure the deployment package. Most settings apart from branding and proxy settings have been left on default. We have a combination of 32bit and 64bit workstations so I have created a package for each. All workstations run Windows 7 and the DC's run Server 2008.

We are experiencing two issues.

1. None of the workstations currently running IE9 will accept the upgrade via the GPO created for the upgrade. It only upgrades workstations running IE10. Once installed it checks with WSUS3 and picks up any remaining IE11 updates required. Any idea why I cant upgrade IE9 workstations?

2. This is were the nightmare begins. Most workstations which run IE10, Pick up the upgrade GPO for IE11 and install it without issue. Again WSUS3 will push out necessary updates at the designated times. The problem is this, Most IE11 workstations have now lost the ability to type into text boxes within websites, ie Search fields, Login Fileds etc. Effectively our users cant do anything apart from use the url field. We are unable to Log into our Web based email portal, We cant access our VLE or Log into any site that required you to type into a text field.

Not all stations do this, Identical builds will upgrade and 75% of them will display the symptoms above. Others seem unaffected. We have been forced to roll back to IE10.

I have gone all over the forums and many have similar issues but there doesn't seem to be a consensus as to what this is.

I'm hoping someone at EE has seen this and will help us sort it out. Its a big one as we are now stuck on IE9 and 10.

Regards, Aelara
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Add ur portal in compatibility view settings in IE and reopen portal and check if its working properly

It is compatibility issue

Also deploy Win 8 \ 8.1 client machine in domain and install GPMC on that machine and from there try to push new your update GPO

@Mahesh, I don't see this as solely being a compatibility issue if all text inputs are affected. It may work for some sites, however.
I have seen offen compatibility issues with most of the old web sites with IE 10 and 11

And those sites won't work without added to compatibility view settings
Agreed. I know for sure that some don't work without IE11 compatibility mode, but I feel like something else on the system might be involved.
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Thank you, Is there a reason why IE9 won't upgrade to 11 via gpo? I can only upgrade by downloading the IE11 msi from Microsoft and  manually installing on individual workstations. I thought IEAK11 would create a package that would do just that.

Regards, Aelara.
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Also Forgot to say compatibility mode does not fix the issue on newly upgraded workstations. Not sure if important but Java installation is on 7.55.
I don't believe Java would have any effect, since not all sites use it.  As for the IE9 to IE11 upgrade failing, what can you see in the Application event log on the client computer?  There should be a reason why the install fails.

On this article:
it says that if you receive a 9C59 error, you need to uninstall IE9 before IE11 will install.

Did you check whether your anti-virus software might be preventing the text boxes from working?  It may even be worth (at a long shot) upgrading your video drivers to the latest version to see if that helps as well.


Hi, are you able to elaborate on exactly what your issue was?  It might help others looking for a solution to the same problem.  I only found one post where Kaspersky was given as the guaranteed culprit.  Do you use Kaspersky, or something else?