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The left menu on this website has a color on the link to tell you what page you are on.
I did this using 6 different menus with the desired color on the link. My method is too long.

How do I create just 1 menu and have the menu link show with background color what page you are on?
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That link points to your local server - no way we can see that.


And this is a problem?
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What is the method that is too long?  Can you show us what you're concerned about?
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Ok it depends on how you are constructing your site. The way I see it there are two options

1. You use the approach of each page includes a header and a footer above and below the content respectively

2. You use a master template that has header and footer in it and includes the content in the body of the template.

Either way you use a parameter to determine how to style the menu.

Taking your menu as an example
<ul id="vertmenu">
  <li>  <a href="home2.php" class="link11<?php echo ($page=='home2')?' selected'::'';?>">Home</a><!--link1--></li>
  <li> <a href="about.php" class="link2<?php echo ($page=='about')?'selected'::'';?>">About Us </a><!--link2--></li>
  <li> <a href="dye.php" class="link3<?php echo ($page=='dye')?'selected'::'';?>"> Dye Colors</a><!--link3--></li>
  <li> <a href="sustain.php<?php echo ($page=='sustain')?'selected'::'';?>" class="link4">Sustainability  </a><!--link4--></li>
  <li>  <a href="product.php<?php echo ($page=='product')?'selected'::'';?>" class="link5"> Products </a><!--link5--></li>
  <li> <a href="contact.php<?php echo ($page=='contact')?'selected'::'';?>" class="link6">Contact Us</a><!--link6--></li>

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You will see in the above code to each class I have added the following
<?php echo ($page=='<pagename>')?' selected'::'';?>

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I am assuming that $page will be set before the menu and will be set to whatever the page is you are browsing to. This can either be a parameter you define at the top of your page

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If you are using a header / footer approach.
Or you can work it out based on the URL. It does not matter how - all that matters is that $page is set to the pagename of the page you are accessing.

The next step is to create the style for the .selected class to be the hightlight for the menu.
When you load the page and the menu is included the php code will automatically assign the selected class to the menu item for the page you are on - and css will do the rest.

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