What type of expert do I need to verify and implement security for my web application?

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What type of expert would be appropriate for verifying that an application is secure and implementing any necessary security measures?

Specifically, I'm concerned about user data being safe and secure, checking for backdoors, and other bugs that can make my application susceptible to penetration.

The application is built on the Codeigniter framework, using Bootstrap 3.
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Contact this organization.  They are the "go to" experts in application security: OWASP
There are a lot of good organizations, OWASP is only one.

Here is another...

There are also places to find security experts to hire, such as this ...
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There are companies that do this.

Some other resources you might try


The list here might also be useful

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I think I would trust somebody from elance as much as I would trust data coming from the URL.

I might consider a Forensic Accountant and/or a Forensics Computer Specialist.
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Web Application Penetration tester. Try Rapid7, Rook Security, Xinn.org, FireEye and others. EE even has a bug-bounty area that may help to some degree.

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