Windows 8 to 8.1 upgrade issues

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Hi Everyone,

    My boss has an Asus desktop that came with Win 8.  It had some bundled McAfee crap on it (not sure if that contributed to anything) but I did the upgrade to 8.1.  After that none of his tiles worked.  I read it may have been anti virus so I did the uninstall but that didn't help.  I went to the Windows App Store but it was giving me an error and told me to Refresh, so I did.  After that the tiles were showing microsoft.appstore and stuff like it didn't have any correlation between package id and names.  I can't remember the exact name but it's something like DisplayAppList error or something like that.  I checked Windows updates and there are 46 more updates to do so I left it doing the update last night hoping it will fix it but I'm not too confident.  

   Any ideas?

Thanks all!
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Haven't come across this myself but have found some suggestions when looking into similar issues which may help in fixing/diagnosing the issue here:

Other suggestions is to manually remove and re-install each app (apparently there's a bug that can cause this).
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> told me to Refresh, so I did
How did you do it?


It said there is a problem with the windows app store and it said refresh below it.  So I did it and followed the steps.  It uninstalled a ton of apps.  Eventually my boss took it back to the store under warranty and they think that the problem is hardware so it's in their hands right now.  Appreciate all your help!!

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