iOS iPad - how to share multiple photos to email?

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I have screenshots on my iPad that I want to email to myself.

I go into Photos, click SHARE

If i select ONE photo I see the Mail icon as an option to use to share/send the photo, but if I select MULTIPLE photos, this Mail icon disappears and I only have the Message, iCloud, Facebook, Flickr options.

Any ideas?

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This is a limitation in the IOS
but you can do a small trick to send multiple pictures, here you go the steps:
open photos and select one of the photos you want to send as e-mail
now you will get the "new mail" window, what you want to do is to save it as draft
 to do that click on cancel and it will ask you if you want to delete or save as draft
finally: go to the next image from photos app and copy it (with long hold on the pic) after you copy it, go to your drafts from mail app and paste it there, after that you can send your e-mail..

do the 3rd step again and again till you have all your pictures.
it isn't the best way to do it but for now it works, i hope they add a feature in the mail app that will let you browse your pictures and send multiple photos at once
good lock

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The share limit for email is set to 5 (I have no idea why) so you can either send them in batches of 5 or use the work-around: copy/paste.


Select all the photos you want to send, or as many as you want to batch


Touch the share icon then select the COPY icon - the pictures will be automatically deselected


Open Mail app and create a new message


Touch and hold in the message body area and then select PASTE
When you press send, you will still get the pop up warning you of file sizes and offering resize options.

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