Troubleshoot Apache Websrver; Server Online, Website is not.

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I have fairly limited experience with Unix and Apache but I know enough to get around. I'm trying to assist a non-profit with their debian apache webserver. The server itself is online and I can ping out. DNS is resolving correctly. However, I cannot remote into the server and the website itself is offline. I do have access to the webserver by remoting into another machine in the office and then hitting the server. I've restarted Apache and the server without any luck. Can any of you experts suggest thoughts on how to proceed troubleshooting?
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What is you location of the website folder?

 change the DocumentRoot setting in your httpd.conf file.
something like /etc/apache2/conf/httpd.conf

Use a text editor.

Change the
<Directory "/var/www">

TO your web site location.

run the restart command.
 httpd -k restart

try to sftp in not ftp or use PUTTY the program.

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df -k (any 100% means disk full) -> fix log roation
apachectl configtest -> errors must be corrected for apache to start
locate error_log - what is in there? can you share?
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post the output from "iptables -L"

Are you trying to access the website from the Internet, or internal network.  If the Internet, was the firewall updated to allow traffic inbound to the webservers IP address?
Can you show me your selinux config?

cat /etc/selinux/config

sound to me that the problem is that

you can Temporarily switch off enforcement doing:
echo 0 >/selinux/enforce

and Permanently


SELINUX=disabled  need to be like this



I'm sorry for the late follow up guys but this turned out to be a DNS issue outside of their network. I was able to resolve. You're help is greatly appreciated. Thank you all

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