SIP / voip / what's the differences / is there a primer you can point me to?

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I am familair with services like Vonage and magic jack that have a box that supplies a signal to analog phones and 'somehow' gets the calls onto the internet to then gets them to a phone service provider for 'the last mile' so it rings on someone's cell or land line.

and in reverse - calls to their number go from the Public switched phone system to the internet and then into the box to the analog phone.

And I know a little about hosted PBX / IP office phones where each phone is on the LAN and talks to the hosted PBX.

But how does that fit in with SIP?  We are getting SIP trunks for an inhouse PBX / IP phones.

I mentioned to the sip provider about how I know a little about VOIP and he said this isn't VoIP?  SIP is 'another animal'? is that right?

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In simple terms ... VOIP is a broad description for any voice protocol that uses IP communication.  SIP is an actual protocol and covers more than just voice.  The link below is a good overview

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