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Office Outlook 2007 Signature Won't Work

I am having an issue where I can't get a signature to work on a account in Office 2007 Outlook. This account was just created yesterday, email/contact list was imported from older outlook without any issues. However, no signature was copied over and when I goto click signature and add or under options and signature to add it doesn't do anything when I click the buttons.

No error messages pop up, nothing happens etc. I've disabled a pdf addon they had but that didn't resolve the issue.

Computer is Windows XP and using Office 2007 Outlook.

Any ideas?
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I would suggest you configure new outlook account manually rather than importing from previous account. And then try to set the signature manually. Do not delete existing account just configure new one to test. You can do it by closing outlook, go to Control Panel->Mails

Where you can create new profile and configure the new account with settings as you like.
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I created the new profile first, I did not import a full account.

1. Created Account / tested connection (did not pull in new mail yet)
2. Imported Mail/Contacts via import/export which worked perfectly
3. Received new mail / sent new emails fine.
4. Noticed no signature, and unable to add one
Can you notedown all the settings what are there for your Imported account, and then try to use those as it is for creating new account. I am saying to refer to all Tabs which you may have missed in the first instance when you configured new account.
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I didn't import an account at all. I created a brand new one. The only thing imported was emails and addressbook/contact list.
Hello ZephyrM

Have you tried Safe mode to open Outlook?

Open Outlook in safe mode using the command "Outlook.exe/safe" command and try to create a signature.  If Outlook will allow signature in safe mode, then also disable another third party plug-ins.

In last, reconfigure the Outlook can reslove your bug!!!!!!

Thanks & Regards
Clark Kent
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Yep, I have found a possible solution with reg fixes that I will be trying later today when their office isn't so busy.
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Clark Kent
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