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I have a parent window and a child window.

How can I have the child window submit the parent window.

so, I have a button on the child window when the user click on it should confirm
if they want to continue to submit the parent form - yes or no.  

if yes then the child window should submit the parent window then close the child window.

if no then just close the child window.

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both forms are on the same domain.

I am not getting error but it's not submitting the form

I get this message: "form not submitted"

//this is on the child form

$('#SubmitForm').click(function() {
    return false;

 <input type="button" id="SubmitForm" name="SubmitForm" value="Submit" />

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what is this part?
where would I put it?

if ($_POST) print_r($_POST);
else echo "Nothing submitted";

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I am using coldfusion can I use the php code above?
I am using coldfusion can I use the php code above?
The PHP is not part of the solution - it is just there to demonstrate that the form was actually posted. You need to point the form submit to whatever form processing script you are using.
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the LogEntryFrm is on the parent window
so, I have it like this
but, I still can't get it to submit the parent form.
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Thank you
You are welcome - thanks for the points.

Did you manage to get it to work?