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What are the best tools to monitor an AWS environment across multiple EC2 zones that include a mixture of FreeBSD, Postgres and Oracle instances?  I would want to monitor performance, utilization, uptime, have the ability to do capacity planning, etc.
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VMware has a tool called Hyperic. This will let you install agents on the AWS servers and then you can get all their data to a centralized server. Does not matter where the servers are as far as they can talk to the centralized Hyperic server.

There are many more tools which can do the same.
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You can monitor your Amazon EC2 instances using Amazon CloudWatch, which collects and processes raw data from Amazon EC2 into readable, near real-time metrics. You can use the Amazon CloudWatch console, the mon-list-metrics command, or the ListMetrics API to view the metrics that Amazon EC2 sends to CloudWatch.
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You can also manage EC2 and other Amazon Web Services with -define costs, create custom reports, get alerted, get forecasts of your spendings, etc.

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