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How to view name of thumbnails on Galaxy S4

Hi techs,  is there a way to view name of thumbnails on Galaxy S4?  I renamed some files so that I could differentiate the photos, and I do not see a name on the photo.  Thank you, Mark88
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Is this the only thing?  I cant post to FB from ESE
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Method 1:
Click on the picture, (Optional, check box "set as default app"), ES Image Browser > Upper right option button (3 dots), Share > Select facebook app
Method 2:
Hold Picture long > More (lower right corner, 3 dots) > Share > Select facebook app
Hmmmm. Lemmie try that.  Bear with me...
Ok I see now.  Not bad!
How about this.... Is there a way to browse to ES FROM FB?
Not sure, because the official Facebook app is so immensely slow. I use Friendcaster, and when you want to post a picture, and start to select a picture, there are several methods to choose from, Gallery, but also ES. Most social media apps are the same.
Has anyone found any other ways to browse pictures?  Going to close this soon.  Thank you.
There's no good way to browse for a picture while in FB and look for filenames on your phone.  Too bad....