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Greeting All,

I've been experiencing slow internet for a couple of weeks now on my local Network. I've been trying to trouble shoot the issue first with my Domain Controller. The problem is I haven't changed anything in that area.

It finally dawned on me that on 4-18-2014 I updated the firmware on my Sonic wall router. Its the only thing that I've changed on the Network. Could this cause webpages to load slowly?

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Mmh, if you want to have a clear answer for your question..., ask Sonic Wall.

If you want to hear my opinion: Yes, sure, as it connects your network to the internet. But even 1.586 other reasons.
Just check it. Use a laptop, use one of the speed test web sites to measure the speed.
Then connect the laptop to the internet facing side and make the same test again (you may have to change some settings on the laptop). If the speed is much different, than you sonic wall may be the reason.

As I would asume, that a mistake by sonic wall would be fixed fast (as a lot of companies would be affected), check if there are updates. But it can also be, that sonic wall is and was absolutely o.k., but there was a problem before what came up now...

So make the speedtest first, then we can follow up the other possibilities.


The speed tests are fine, but it loads pages real slow. If I manually put our ISP's DNS into my work computer; everything loads normal.
Lee W, MVPTechnology and Business Process Advisor
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I installed a sonicwall a couple of months ago and there was definitely a firmware issue - at install time, I updated it to current firmware and that failed to resolve the issue... called them, they demanded a service contract to do ANYTHING even though the thing was purchased less than a week before, and once I bought it, they fixed it and I had the tech who remotely connected to it and addressed my problem send me an email stating that I could not have fixed it without having a service contract.  Then I demanded my money back for the contract.  It took them a month, but they did it.

So I will never buy another Dell product again (in IT terms, NEVER=5 years or so*) and absolutely never use or recommend a sonicwall again.

*very reluctant possible exceptions may be necessary
OK, this is a hint..., and Lee's hint as well....
So, I would try to get some informtion from Sonic Wall if possible..., maybe there is another update.
The other point I would check it to see, if there are any changes after the update of the firmware. As you said, that DNS seems to be an issue and speed is ok if you change your DNS to the ISP DNS, than the question maybe, what is about to use WIndows DNS, set forwarders there pointing to your ISP DNS servers and just opening DNS port 53 in th sonic wall, allowed for your DC.

If this is already setup, you may try to delete the DNS rule and recreate again. Just to see if it has any effect.


Ok so this is what I discovered. The latest firmware update that I installed was an early release. I went back to the general release firmware previous to the I installed a couple of weeks ago. Now the internet is working as it should. So there is another firmware glitch for ya. Also when I went back to a previous firmware; I lost most of my setting except my password. fortunitly I had a couple backups of the settings; so it didn't take long to restore.

So apparently, never install a prelease update from Sonicwall ever!

Thanks for the input guys

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