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Excel V-Lookup (match field value and import specified field)


Experts, please help! I have the following columns, A B C D.

I need the values in column A to be checked against the values from column C. There will be multiple values in column C that match the single value in column A. Whenever there is a match I need the value in column B that is in the adjacent the matched value/call in column A to be imported into column D, adjacent to all of the matched values in column C.

Is this possible? Thank you for your time.
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Hi byundt. Thank you and I'm sorry for the late reply. The formula isn't working. It returns the same 5 digit value in ever cell in D column. The value is not located anywhere in B.
I didn't make this clear but the values in A and C do not match exactly down the columns. They are out of order.
Please post a sample workbook that demonstrates the problem.

The formula is working as I expect at my end, so I am thinking there may be something special about the type of data in your actual workbook. For example, text that looks like numbers will cause problems with a VLOOKUP formula--but there are workarounds.

I am so sorry I had a health issue and was not able to respond the past several weeks. The function is working correctly.. formatting was the issue. Thank you do much!