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Quick and easy Oracle question from a long-term DB2 guy

Greetings, esteemed experts!

For decades, I've been a DB2 developer and DBA. I'm now being asked to write some queries for an existing Oracle database. Of course, I thought, "SQL is SQL. How hard can it be?"

But, unfortunately, I'm tripping up on (probably easy) problem. The SQL that I inherited from the previous developer includes access to "remote database" like this:

select <somestuff>
  from SomeSchema.SomeTable@adg

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It looks simple enough, right?! But, when I run this query, it fails with a message that says "ORA-2019: connection description for remote database not found". I speculate that it has to do with the "@adg" at the end of the table-name, but I don't know what that refers to or how to point it correctly.

Does anybody have any suggestions?

Thanks in advance!
-- DaveSlash
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slightwv (䄆 Netminder)

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Thanks, slightwv !

I checked the DB links in the logon schema and the table's schema (via Toad), and there are none ... which, I guess, explains why it couldn't find the one it was looking for. I removed the "@adg" part of the query, and it did come back with some data. So, I think that's all I really need.

Thanks, again!
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slightwv (䄆 Netminder)

Be careful by removing the link.  It must have been there for a reason.

Without a database link in the query, you might not be using the table you are supposed to be using.