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Create a automated invoice using Excel Data

Hi All
I am trying to create a automatic invoice using excel.  On the forth tab is the invoice- when I select the invoice number (N3) I want it to automatically fill the client name(D11)  enter the date from range (f21) and enter the date to range(h21) and enter the unit price (i21)

The data sources is on tab 3 (MCL Totals)

I have been playing with VLOOKUP but cant quite get the syntax right.  Been trying for about 3 hours now and going mad so any help would be so great.  was using as a guide if this resource helps anyone.


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Hi ITjockey

Many thanks for the above works like a dream.  I do have one question for you.  The actual invoice is there a way that I can automatically generate separate file based on the information in the invoice sheet which is automatically saved to the right client folder on the network and print automatically?  Would this be some sort of script or a macro?  What would be awesome if I could some how automate the entire process so that it runs 4 times a year automatically producing the separate xls file for each invoice and print it off thus removing the human element and reducing errors etc.


Just so you know at the moment I am having to select the invoice then print to pdf for each invoice.

Yes it is possible via VBA Script but i am new born baby in VBA Script. So i would suggest you may ask new question if you satisfied with what you ask for in your very first post or just press request attention button.User generated image