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I've been trying to update WMP, I downloaded it but got a bunch of junk in the process; which I've uninstalled. Then I got an incompatibility error and ended up here; where lots or outdated drivers were found; my video card driver for example.  I checked my device manager and found it was up to date, so I didn't "register".

Driver issue
Is there a way to upgrade WMP, with the current driver, without buying software?
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The best way to upgrade everything that is part of the OS, like WMP, is via Windowsupdate. If that fails for some reason, try to troubleshoot that and find that reason, and if that doesn't work either, check the kb.... which that update was, and look for it and download it manually from the m$ site (not from some obscure 3rd party site which you obviously used), then try installing it manually. I have found that windows updates often worked then.

If you do install software from 3rd party sites, always make sure you carefully read all of the steps, and what it is trying to install, and deselect what isn't needed, or hit "cancel", so that no additional crap gets installed. Many download sites don't have a direct link to the actual file you want to download, but rather first install some downloader which then adds crapware, and only after that you get to the download you actually wanted.

Often it will also help if you download the files using a Linux PC, as the crap won't install or run on there.
Lee W, MVPTechnology and Business Process Advisor
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Can you clarify why you are MANUALLY trying to update Windows Media Player?  What is your perceived need that will require the update?  Sometimes people can misinterpret what is needed for something to work - it may not actually be an update for WMP that you're looking for but a codec or something else.
Paul MacDonaldDirector, Information Systems
Yeah, this site you've found is a scam.  I'm hoping you haven't installed something that let's them hijack or hold your computer hostage.  If they haven't, all this other junk they're trying to get you to download/pay for is all stuff you should run away from. is the way to go for Windows components, full stop.
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Yes, sure....
Search for any driver and the first 100 google results are such web sites, were you can disturb your computer what is usually for free from microsoft or the device vendors.

And if there is no driver from the vendor, there is no other miracle site, from were you can get, what doesn't exist.

WMP belongs to the OS, you could update it for older versions, now you can update the components via the windows update.
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As Lee W, MVP has already posted, why are you trying to update WMP?

Since you have gone through an install/uninstall cycle of drivers that are questionable, I suggest you run a System Restore to time before you installed those drivers and start over.  With the answer to "Why" we should be able to give you a proper procedure.


Lee, jc,

I was having trouble with a clip I output from my video editor.  The forum suggested that, because it worked on their end, that my WMP might need updating.  So I went looking for the update and ended up on that scam website.  I know all about crapwear; like conduit search, so I left immediately.  Can't recall what the "incompatibility error was, or when it occurred but at some point I got a message that half a dozen drivers were out of date; yada, yada, yada; and I realized I was getting the run around. The problem turned out not to be WMP so it's a moot point now; except that I realize now, and I don't know why I didn't then, that WMP is updated in Windows update.

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