MS SQL Server 2008 R2 vs 2012 Version

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 I would like to know if there are significant differences between 2008R2 and 2012 SQL server Standard version.
 We have less than 20 users and 2008R2 is much cheaper than 2012 in purchasing cost.

Thank you.
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here is a nice list stating the diferences between the two

differences list


One thing that I see is that if you get a single CPU with 4-6 core, it does not matter in SQL 2008 because they go by number of CPUs where as in SQL 2012, you will pay a lot more because it goes by each core? Am I right?

If there is anyone out there who actually used 2008 version and migrated to 2012, is there a noticeable difference in terms of performance?
1. yes

2. nothing really performance wise
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Thank you. I think I will save money by going with SQL 2008 R2 Standard version.
your very welcome :)

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