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Writers laptop/tablet


I m looking for a writers laptop.

Just a brainstorm what I m looking for:

*form factor: Apple Mac air: love its design and portability
*chromebook samsung is an option, but ideallically the screen would turn 360 (into a tablet)
*price: around 300 Euro's, can be more if it has it all
*keyboard: Azerty
*Windows is not absolutely needed, but NO Mac os (Chrome os, Android ...)
*light and portable: to carry around everywhere
*would love to make the screen turn to switch it into a tablet, like Android for that
*I have Ipads and IPhones, could switch Ioad with keyboard to kind of laptop but screen/keyboard would be to small
*screensize should be 12 or more (like Mac air)
*battery should last really long
*keyboard should be really comfortable

As mentioned: chromebook can be an option but thats a bit to much google/online oriented for me. Wonder if I can have it all for more or less the same price, f.e. windows/android laptop that switches into tablet.

Any input welcome!
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Thanks but review are notgood(6/10), is the HD+ version any better?
Btw, it has no default keyboard. The flex from lenovo has.
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Great, but not available in Europe/Azerty.
Correction: it is for 800 euro.