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Check Service Status on Remote PC via VFP

I have found code for VFP which lets me determine if a service is running and stop it or find out all it's information.

However, I am running a desktop application and have services failing on the Server where the SQL Data is stored.

How can I determine via VFP (if possible) if a service is running on a different PC given the IP address or Machine Name - or something.
Local loWbemServices, loServicesCollection, loService
loWbemServices = GetObject("winmgmts:\\.")
loServicesCollection = loWbemServices.InstancesOf("Win32_Service")
For Each loService In loServicesCollection
   ? '----'
   loProperties = loService.Properties_
   For Each loProperty IN loProperties
       lcProperty = loProperty.Name
       ? lcProperty,':', loService.&lcProperty

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This is awesome for my PC, but I need to know if the main services are running on the server.

I am even willing to put a job in SQL and store status in a table and have desktop pull from the table... I just need to know if those services are up or down!
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