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Ideas about Editing records in ASP.NET

I have a gridview which is loaded with sqldatasource through a stored procedure. I have enabled editing the record so I can edit the record inline. What I want though is to edit the record on a different form using textboxes, dropdownlists etc.
Is there any way in ASP.NET that the update, delete, and new buttons are generated automatically when it comes to custom editing like WinForms - bindingsource control?
What is the best way to edit/update/delete record which requires minimum programming?

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Thanks. Do you think using sqldatasource in the ascx controls or .xsd files is a security risk in any way? Having the queries as stored procedures would it be faster rather than having the code in the .xsd file or in the code behind?
Yes off course Stored Procedures are always faster than having Database code in code behind.
And I have given only a sample to do the stuff you can use stored procedure.