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I have a business called Leucadia House.  The webpage URL is  When one does a Google search on Leucadiahouse, my web page is visible on the first page of the matches. Very good.

But, Leucadia House (note word spacing) doesn't show up in a Google search.  In the web page and blog I just started, the Leucadia House term is used regularly but Google sees Leucadia or House and gives, for my purposes, a much poorer result.

Is there a technique that will result in Leucadiahouse and Leucadia House looking similar to the Googlebot?
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If this is a newly published website then be patient. It will take time for google to move you up the list for the search term Leucadia House. The key is backlinks and recent changes but you also need to have a description meta tag which you do not.

The Quick Method:
Make sure your html validates:
Use Leucadia House in your page title: <title>... Leucadia House ...</title>
Use an <h1> tag somewhere: <h1>Leucadia House</h1>
Use search phrase in the meta description: <meta name="description" content="The Leucidia House is a deluxe residence for you or your loved one. Located so and so just minutes away for some place, you are sure to enjoy the comfortable settings blah blah blah.">
Use alt tags on all images
Backlinks: Over time you try to get other relevant websites to link to your website. This is a long term project.
Changing content: Use changing content. You want to regularly update at least your home page with new, fresh content. Many websites use news columns, or blogs. The key is to have an active site, not one that never changes in content.
Social Media: Announce your new website content on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter and provide links to your changed pages.

Do all of this and you have a good shot of reaching top 10.
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I have some good answer on SEO here http:Q_28351708.html#a39819489.

First, your site has no content.  The only text is the title.  In today's world, there should be no reason for text in images such as your "for more information"

Make sure the name is on the site beyond just the title.  

Make sure your site has an address on the site.  Google will recognize that.

Make sure you use google local and claim your business.  You will see a link to place your business on the map. This will be the single most important thing for a small business.



Two excellent replies. Thank you. Thank you.

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