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HP t410 Smart Zero Client Aero Experience on RDS


Not using desktop virtualization/Hyper-V, just standard RDS.

I am using Windows 2008 R2 Standard, and HP t410's. I have set up client accounts in AD, and I am trying to implement the Aero glass-like experience. Right now, Windows 7 shows up in themes, and is selectable. However, when selected, it continues displaying Windows 7 Basic style. Restarting the server, themes service, and the thin client have no effect. I have also ensured Desktop Composition is enabled on the thin client. Interestingly, when connecting to the server on my Windows 7 laptop using RDP, I am able to enable the full Aero effect, as well as switching back to 7 Basic theme. I am concerned because it seems that there is little graphics performance whatsoever. I realize it will never be the same as having a dedicated GPU internally, but it should be able to do simple Aero and reasonable graphics performance. I have also enabled Configure RemoteFX in the group policy, as well as RemoteFX experience level to high. I tried it as well with no RemoteFX.

Also, to make sure this wasn't a 'server performance' issue, I enabled Aero direct on the server, and it works flawless with no issues, but that's physically on it, not remotely on the thin clients.

The server and thin clients are on the same switch. Server specs are as follows:
Xeon X5670 6-core 2.9 GHz

16 GB DDR3 PC1333 Registered ECC

2 TB RAID 10 (four 1TB drives) SATA III

1 GB Radeon HD 5450 PCIe x1

If anyone knows what I'm doing wrong, I'd sure appreciate it!
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On the server open "Remote Desktop Host Configuration". Then select the server and right click it to select Properties. Now in the Client tab make sure the maximum color depth isn't limited (if I'm not mistaken, the default is 16 which is too low).
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It is not limited on all dialogs and group policies.
Of course your remote terminal must also support that color depth and be set to it, and the RDP client must also be a not too old version.
Remote terminal supports it. HP t410, RDP 7.1 using FreeRDP which is what the smart zero client uses.
Does it worrk if you remote into the server from a normal Windows 7 PC running Aero?

If it does, have you checked your client for firmware upgrades?
As I said it does work on my win 7 laptop. The firmware was updated to newest available. It is certified compatible with remote FX.
It is nothing related to RDP software or group policy.

In order to turn on aero, you need to have a graphic card with 128mb video memory and supports directx 9. From the spec of HP T410, there is nothing mentioned on these two requirements which means that its hardware does not meet the requirements for aero.

The only fix is to upgrade to HP T610 plus which supports Directx 11.
Yes but I have read (and have seen in action on YouTube videos and marketing material) the t410 is capable of Aero. The graphics cards would be used thru the server, which I currently have a 1GB card installed. Additionally, I have read it is possible to use RemoteFX thru RDS (not thru Hyper-V virtualization) to allow the server GPU to do all graphics pre-transmission to the thin client.
Per the link you provided for Session Host server, as I'm not using Desktop Virtualization:

If you are using RemoteFX on an RD Session Host server, the processor on the RD Session Host server must support Streaming SIMD Extensions 2 (SSE2). The RemoteFX encoder is optional server hardware, and it can be installed for additional scalability on the RemoteFX server. The hardware encoder card must be installed in a PCI Express x4 slot or greater.

Client options

A RemoteFX-enabled client can run as software or by using a RemoteFX hardware decoder.

The client software is part of the Remote Desktop Connection that is included with Windows Server 2008 R2 with Service Pack 1.

The RemoteFX hardware decoder will be available as a complete solution through Microsoft partners.

And my hardware specs are:

Xeon X5670 6-core 2.9 GHz

16 GB DDR3 PC1333 Registered ECC

2 TB RAID 10 (four 1TB drives) SATA III

1 GB Radeon HD 5450

The Xeon X5670, as far as I know, supports SSE2, and the video card is installed in at least an x4 slot. I guess the real question is, have I missed something in enabling RemoteFX? Currently, as I mentioned, the 'Configure RemoteFX' option in the GPO is active, with high experience.
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Thank you very much Jackie Man I will try the GPU upgrade!
You are most welcome.