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Cisco AIR SAP1602I A K9

I purchased 2 Cisco 1602 standalone WAPs to replace the existing equipment in our office.

I am using the power over Ethernet injectors for both devices.  It appears DHCP is turned on both devices, but it never gets an address.  I have checked the DHCP server log vs MAC addresses but nothing.

I have also utilized the instructions for configuring on a laptop to try and access the IP that they are supposed to get when DHCP doesn't work.  But that still doesn't work.

I don't know if the POE injectors are causing an issue. I can't find/remember the command to hard code a new static on the correct interface to get it on the right subnet and see what happens from there.

It has been several years since I've had to do CLI in IOS.

But I can successfully connect via the console port.

I am using the CISCO IOS Software Configuration Guide for CISCO Aironet Access Points, but the majority of the configuration is set using the web interface, which I can't get to since the AP's don't get an IP.

I have tried both devices and its identical.

Any thoughts?
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Just as an update I have been able to configure static IPs on the interfaces.  The GigabitEthernet0 interface is set and says status is UP  but the protocol is down.
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Is the AP connected to a switch port which is on the correct VLAN?  Can you post the switch config?
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First of all seems that AP and SW connection is not working from your explanations.
But, please try below to see next status.
show ip interface brief
- if there is interface BVI0 , then clear the ip address of interface ge0 and give that ip address to bvi0 interface.
conf t
int g0
no ip address
int bvi0
ip address ....

- and try again to reach ap ip address
Thanks.  I will give that a shot askincakir.  I will post results shortly.

Just to expand on this particular suites config.  There is only a sonicwall firewall and a netgear gigabit switch. No VLan configs or anything special.  There are only 10 people that sit in this particular suite and they access all internal resources via  site to site VPN in another location.

The sonciwall is functioning as the internal DHCP server in this suite.  No issues with cabling or ports.  

But they host larger meetings regular in the conference room and we needed a better WAP.

I will post results back shortly.
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Something was wrong with one of the networking devices and it took me removing it from the loop and the problem went away instantly.  The WAP was fine.