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using FTP to transfer files to server

I just took over IT operations at this company. apparently one of the users is used to connecting to the sonicwall VPN using global VPN client and using FTP to transfer her files over to the server. Today, she called me that the FTP connection is not working. its not allowing her to connect to the server she normally connects to.

I am not even sure where to look first at how to correct this problem. IS using filezilla and FTP normal to transfer files to a server?
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Greg Hejl
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have you discovered Packet Monitor in the sonicwall yet?  what model do you have?

Do you know if she is able to login via VPN?

find out what her VPN IP is - do a packet capture on that.  port 21 is ftp port destination
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I tested the same scenario myself. I am able to login via the VPN, but unable to ping the server or get to using filezilla. Is there a way to be able to connect to a server even within the LAN using FTP and filezilla?

If so, then I can test it internally first, then if that works, move onto the possibly a rule issue on the sonicwall. Model is a TZ 210
Setup packet monitor is SW to see what is happening to ftp coming.  has your ftp server changed ip's lately?  could be ftp rule was set as Host instead of fqdn.
How do i check to see if FTP is setup on this server? This is a 2003 server DC. I had no idea it was supposed to be running FTP. How do you setup FTP on 2003 server so I can check?
looks like it is setup in IIS. As long as the FTP service is running, is there anything else I should check to make sure FTP is working on the server properly?
I rebooted the ftp server and it worked again for a day or so then stopped again. What would cause the ftp to stop working?
Never mind, its not the service on the server because i am able to FTP into it while inside the network. I can't when i am connecting via the Sonicwall VPN client. Something on the firewall must sparaticly be stopping the FTP. Nothing has changed on the firewall recently though.
Ideas on what to check?
Hi Raffie,

have you viewed the ftp stream in the sonicwall using the packet monitor app?  any drop codes will tell you why the traffic is being dropped.
also, if you have a support with Dell,  they will walk you through your steps.
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Have you checked the routes for the VPN? That might not be configured quite right...
Where is the FTP stream and how do i check the routes in the VPN?
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Greg Hejl
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It'll be within the SSLVPN settings. The routes are one setting that if you do not configure, will completely mess you up. Have you taken the time to look at your VPN settings? And what model Sonicwall are you using?