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Trouble installing QuickBooks 2011-Download manager says server returned error

Originally, this was installed as version 2005 on a Win XP computer. The user has successfully updated over the years to what she's snow running (ver. 2011).

Her old PC is on it's last legs We are now trying to deploy a new PC for her which is Win 7 32-bit. Every time we try to run the "Setup_QuickBooksPro2011" we get "The server returned an error. Would you like to retry?" I hit Yes and it just goes around in a loop.

I've tried to run the install on three different computers and all of them return the error I've mentioned above. I'm thinking of just having the user upgrade to QuickBooks 2014 web. Intuit won't even talk to us unless we pay them $89.00 for a one-time tech support session. Any thoughts?
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Thank you and I was happy to help. Also make sure .NET Framework is fully up to date including recommended updates.