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Excel Formula

I have a spreadsheet.   On Sheet 2, is a list of email address (column A) and a specific product name (column C).  Against Sheet 1, I have to look to see if that email address (column A) and product code (column B) is also listed.

I cannot use a vlookup because that email address may be listed multiple times but different product codes on Sheet 1.  Do you have a suggestion on how I can do this?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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You should be able to use INDEX and MATCH hopefully.
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In sheet2 concatenate the e-mail with product number with simple formula:


You can include a character in between if you so wish so that you can see the split, eg =A1&"-"&B1

Then on sheet1 use the following:

=IFERROR(MATCH($A1&$B1,Sheet2!$C:$C,0),"No Match")

This will return the row number where matched or "No match" when not matched.

Rob H
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Thanks.  This worked perfectly for me.