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call blocker

I'm looking for a call blocker that drops the call - not one that just mutes the ring and sends to voicemail.
The most important feature is that it works on private and blocked numbers.
Why would one want these calls sent to voicemail anyway?

I have HTC One X - Android 4.2.2
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A V George
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Mr Number is a pretty good one. Here is a link,,,

Good Luck!
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I installed but don't see an option to drop the call instead of sending to voicemail.
As I said I don't see any reason to let these people or bots leave a message.

I will try it and let you know though ...

Hi dgrafx,

Have you tried this?

Hope this will help you.

Thanks & Regards,
Krunal T. Tailor
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Hey guys - thanks but neither of these apps will drop the call.
They both send to voicemail.
This is exactly what I don't want
'Hey guys - thanks but neither of these apps will drop the call.
They both send to voicemail.'

The app will disconnect the call and send an engaged tone. Check the options in the settings menu.
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Av George
Can u post exactly where this option is please.

I read some docs and found this:
Mr Number has the simplest interface. Just click on the second icon a the top right of your screen to open up your block o
...options. You have separate pages for blocking calls, sending to voicemail and for exceptions.
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You are either speaking of a different version (paid?) or something.
There is not a setting for dropping vs voicemail.
I'm guessing you are not on an HTC.
With some apps different features are available based on phone and OS.
Can u post a screenshot - I'm on the road so can't right now.

Pl post a screenshot of the app on your mobile. Features do not vary from one Android phone to another and it works just fine on Android 4.0.4 so there should be no problem on higher OS versions.

I do not agree. Some apps which will work in lower version of Android OS will not work on higher version of Android OS.

You need the paid version of norton security antivirus to do this call blocking. The licence key is freely distributed if you participate in some symantec free on-premises event. (I am using it.)
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Jackie - I will try - I'll keep you posted ...

George - I posted a link for you to read but you haven't commented on it so am thinking you didn't read.
Here it is again: 
It speaks of the hangup feature not being available for some HTC phones on the latest version.
Also you didn't post a screenshot showing this hangup feature you speak of but you ask me to post a screenshot.
I don't think you are reading my responses ...
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Jackie - I installed it
I'm on the 30 day trial which I believe is the full version.
I don't see where I can configure to drop the call instead of send to voicemail.
Let me know please ...
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I am going to use this for awhile.
We'll see how it plays out.