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install ASE 16 side by side with ASE 15.7

Dear all,

I tried to upgrade the existing ASE 15.7 to 16 and I read the readme file inside ASE 16.0 and try to follow but this is not for my case !  the update button/choice is not for me.

so I tried to install Version 16 side by side with version 15.7 on other directory but finally it said install success with error,

please see the log.

Any other log needed, please let me know.

what I saw after the complete of the installation wizard is :
1) the number of windows service is the same ! not change at all.
2) when connect using Toad for Sybase, everything the same, version shown is:

Adaptive Server Enterprise/15.7/EBF 21339 SMP SP101 /P/X64/Windows Server/ase157sp101/3439/64-bit/OPT/Thu Jun 06 12:11:05 2013
3) when connect using interactive SQL client, something is different and when I click "Find" to discovery server, it shows error:

User generated image
but once I click close I can connect !!

from add remove program, I see 2x Sybase enterprise program;

User generated image
question is:
1) what's wrong with my ASE 16 installation ? I specify another folder already so they don't overwrite the 15.7 files !!
2) why gives error in interactive SQL client ?
3) which one is ASE 16 so that I can remove it?
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all existing service still startable and it is not ASE 16, it is 15.7 !
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"if you use the same login to install both ASE 15.7 and ASE 16, I don't think that it can work "

you mean my account, after login to the Windows, can't run both ASE 15.7 and ASE 16?
please also tell me which component should I UNINSTALL.
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"Install each version into it's own directory. Not just two different directories under the parent Sybase directory."

I did ! but it doesn't work!

"Create two .BAT files, one for each version. In them, set the SYBASE variable to point to the directory you installed that version. Set SYBASE_ASE to either ASE_15-7 or ASE_16-0. Have the next command in each be a manual call of the RUNSERVER .BAT files for each of your ASE instances."

little complicated than I think.

"So the exact answer to your question is yes, your same login in Windows can run both ASE 15.7 and ASE 16.0, but you have to manually create and maintain multiple files, and give up the ability to manage them as Windows services. Again, this is not a Sybase issue, this is a Windows issue"

tks. learn a lot !

"I bet you would have the same problem with two Oracle or two MS SQL versions under the same login in Windows. ":

it is not the case of MS SQL server, I can install more than 2 by different instance name! some test machine can have 4-5 or more MS SQL servers on the same machine using the same account.

Sybase probably can't work well on workstation but server ! or Windows 7 but not Windows 8.
then I prefer to back to 15.7 here instead of 16, which one should I uninstall ? they both call ASE server xxxx
Whichever you installed most recently has "taken over" the environment.
but I found out it is not taken over, the same version here but there appear when I try to discover the server !!

it is very funny !
that's why I keep asking which one I should uninstall !! just ignore 16.0 and keep suing 15.7, I just install it for learning purpose !
It sounds like the environment is now broken. Uninstall both and completely delete everything. Having two servers of different versions but the same name means I don't trust anything there any more.
ahaha !! good ! you good !

I think for Sybase , it really is ! then I just use 15.7, thanks for that.
I heard that SAP Adaptive Server Enterprise is ASE 16, is that right? then I just go ahead and uninstall this one and see what is going on.
I have another post that asking for the upgrade of ASE server from 15.7 to 16, can you help to answer that as I am waiting for the answer.
That sounds right. I'll go look at your other question. :)