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NFS permission mounted but cant edit existing files

Hi - This is a Netapp storage NFS export.
Client is Oracle ent linux ? version not sure

Anyway the server is an Oracle enterprise VM. It has all the mount permissions to the NFS volume export on the Netapp. It mounts. The linux user can write to all of the folders from the mount point in ALL of the sub-folders. However can not get to edit "existing" files or run a dos2unix command (the create tmp file fails) - all get permission denied.

The UNIX  user and GROUP IDs match with the netapp and the unix server. Checked and confirmed with passwd file on netapp.

more detail here : Im stumped - PLEASE HELP

the appldevl unix user is unable to create a temporary file when running the dos2unix command.

The error log looks like:

 Input datafile is readable and larger than 0 bytes

Calling datafile conversion process

dos2unix: converting file /naoradev/Finance/Chris21/GLL2404.TXT.unix to UNIX format ...

Failed to open output temp file: Permission denied

dos2unix: problems converting file /naoradev/Finance/Chris21/GLL2404.TXT.unix

ERROR during datafile conversion process - Tue May 6 14:01:54 WST 2014


Program exited with status 1
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Hi thanks for response - I did just read this online - ii dont have/see that option - closest is
cifs.nfs_root_ignore_acl  - on tap 8.1.2

Further reading leads me to think that - from this link

I need an "exact" user name in AD to the unix name with he file permission issue
at the moment  my usermap.cfg - does a mapping but the names are not exactly the same. Now as the qtree security style in ntfs the current  mapping is failing.
its mapping user UNIX user A > AD user B. I need user A created in AD - nd then update usermap.cfg to reflect exact names as the same unix and AD

Could you verify by reading the link above. Thanks very much
It's definitely worth a try, usermapping is also important yes ... Or as mentioned in the link you provided, try with wafl.default_nt_user if that's a possibility for you...
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ok - yes its set to nothing - so ""

- whats is wafl.default_nt_user meant to be set to - maybe the unix user B i have specified already in usermap.cfg - that may work
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sorry i think i mean the AD account/NT account A   :( - its late
Well ... In the usermap.cfg make sure you put a mapping to an administrator account for the root account ... That should be enough ...

wafl.default_nt_user should be set to an NT account, you might need to try with something like DOMAINNAME\UserAccount ...
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found this - i wasn't looking close enough and it did resolve thanks