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Which Should I Learn next from PHP - C++ or C#?

Looking around at free forums, I feel Im opening a can of worms here, but would like some experts opinions, and feedback from the professional world.

I've been using PHP for quite a few years now, and I really like it, but fancy a bit of a challenge and was looking at going back to aspx. I used to use VB but been criticised a lot by it not been really a grown up language. I did C++ in college and loved it (even though it was DOS Borland C++, no Visual - unless you count flashing backgrounds...).

The main reason Im wanting to move is Im getting fed up of spending soo much time writing the front end, Id much prefer to be spending my time writing the code behind, but cant really find a decent IDE to allow me to drop tables, textboxes and labels around and give me code access for PHP behind (which is free, as work will never pay for me to learn anything above notepad, and I cant afford some of the really expensive packages).

What do you think would be better to invest my time and money in? ASPx in C++ or C#?

Thank you in advance for any feedback in this question.
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