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Outlook 2013 - Hosted Exchange 2010 keeps asking for password

Good morning all,

I have a customer who is using our own hosted exchange server for emails.  I have recently just upgraded the machine from XP to Windows 7 (Brand new machine), the machine has been on and working for a good couple of weeks without any problems.   Yesterday the customer mentioned that the pop-up box keeps appearing asking for credentials - When I enter the password it doesn't go away, it takes at least 5/6 attemps before it goes (then it'll only last an hour if that and come back)   If the customer clicks cancle, they are still connect to the exchange...

Weird I tell you!

Here is what I have tried:
- Remove all credentials from credential manager
- Updating the machine
- Cached / Non Cached mode
- Repairing office
- Trying different authentications
- Removing the "msstd" setting from HTTP in Outlook
- Re-creating profiles
- Remvoing the OST

This is only happening to the one user.... Nobody else using the Hosted Exchange server is having a problem.

Could anybody please shine some light on this?

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have you tried testing it on a new user account with same user credentials. Could be something on the profile itself.
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I have fully recreated the profile and I have tried a different machine and setup with the same account - the second machine doesn't have a problem, it's only on the new machine.   Bonkers..
is it only on that particular new machine or any new machine ? and are all other machines same OS?
Yes other machines on the same OS but different version on Office - It's only happening on that new machine.   The machine is question is running Outlook 2013 but I have other clients using the same hosted exchange platform and same version of office with no problems.   I feel this is something on the clients machine but then again I dont.
do you have any other users for that particular company. does this happen for those users on OL13 as well,.
The machine in question is the only user who is using Outlook 2013, everybody else is using 2010 but all connect to the same Exchange Platfom.
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