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Exchange Server 2010 / SBS 2011 Outlook Intermittent Disconnections

I have a client with a SBS 2011 server running Exchange 2010. Clients are mainly Windows 7. Was working fine for two years but last week everyone started having intermittent connection issues. Since then I have installed SP3 for Exchange and SP3 Rollup 5 as well, but the issue persists.
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How many Exchange servers do you have in your envioronment?
How may CAS servers do you have?
If more than 1 CAS servers, are you using Windows NLB or a Hardware load balanacer?
If using a hardware load balancer, check whether using Cookie or SourceIP affinity?
Have you changed the default OWA session limits, you may need to set some longer session times before that auto-disconnect:
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There is only one Exchange server in the organization as it is an SBS environment with a few dozen users. No other related servers - all features are running on the one box.
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Some details about your hardware and network configuration might be helpful.  When this happens, does it go away on its own?  How long does it last?  Can users access files on the server ok when the occurs?
I'm not objecting to closing the question, just felt the need to comment after reading your explanation.  As a contributor yourself, you understand that all "experts" are volunteers and it could be a while before someone with expertise in this area responds.  If I had a time sensitive issue, and searching EE didn't provide the resolution, probably wouldn't post a new one.  
Regarding the actual problem,  are you saying the Exchange First Storage Group was corrupt?
Thanks, I understand this and normally would have done things differently. I know there is a time delay and do not have any expectations of a quick response. I posted when I first learned of the problem, hoping to be able to investigate and resolve the issue for my client. But then they escalated it into an emergency and I had to do the same. I had already posted and responded to the first questions back. Had anyone posted a good answer - pertinent to my situation or not - I would have awarded points anyway. The corruption was in the mailbox and I'm not really sure of all the details involved in the 12 hours it took; I was a distracted onlooker for the most part.
Sorry for closing this question without awarding any points! As a fellow expert, I never like to see this happen. However, I had to call in professional support last night when there were no answers after 18 hours, just further questions - and time was of the essence in this case. So with a specialist's help we were able to rebuild the jet database and migrate to a new mailbox. It was a twelve hour process. Thanks anyways!