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ASP.Net Site Performance

Last Modified: 2015-06-27
Hello Sir,

Please let me know, the steps which we can follow to exactly identify the cause of the slowness of the ASP.Net Pages, even that the queries executing are being optimized on DB Server, the ViewState is taken care of & Sessions too.

As far as i have analyzed, the IIS is queueing up the requests at Server end, whether its a Network Problem or something else.

How to identify what is slowing down the response of the pages on IIS even after applying all the IIS Level configurations.

I mean, how to identify the function, Call Stack, why the page is slow? etc.

I am done with DebugDiag, windbg, ADPlus as it requires its own expertise.

I have seen various tools, as they are paid ones, available for monitoring the performance of the ASP.Net Site, why the ASP.Net is really slow.

Though the Microsoft sites are not that slow i.e. they respond in a timely fashion.

Please suggest.
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What you need is information...lots and lots of information.

1) Performance analysis

    a) Health monitoring

    b) Performance counters

    c) Profilers

2) Load testing
Aaron TomoskyDirector, SD-WAN Solutions

Is suggest starting with f12 in chrome or ie and looking at the networking tab. This shows you all the files and their load times.
Write all these down as a baseline.
Then look at the highest ones and try to figure out what they do.
Aaron JabamaniTechnical Architect

Isolate the problem.  Then see why a section is taking lot of time.

Rendering :  As explained above
server side : How long your business logic is taking time to complete for a given function
Database side : how the sql script is taking
This one is on us!
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I agree, and when you find a single application that does all that I would be very interested...until then, you need to use different applications to get that information.
Gunwant SainiConsultant


I have tried various methods like DB profiling and rectifying the code complexity to resolve the certain issues occurring related to Site Performance.
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