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Automatically backup switch/router config *newbie*

I need a way to backup router and switch configurations, preferably automatically but I am not against manually doing it either.  

I am rather new to switches/routers so be gentle lol.  I know enough to be dangerous as they say.  

Also I would like to avoid spending money if at all possible!  Thanks !
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Ernie Beek
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Have a look at Kiwi CatTools. If you can find an older version I'ts free with a max of ten devices.
The newer 'free' version only can have one device.
I'm using three instances of it ;)
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Ruel Tmeizeh

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you can use kron if your IOS support it:

Backup on FTP config example:
ip ftp source-interface loopback 0
ip ftp username ftp_username
ip ftp password ftp_password
file prompt quiet
kron policy-list backup
cli copy running-config
kron occurrence daily-backup at 0:30 recurring
policy-list backup