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Outlook 2007 reoccuring calendar event

I've just started with Outlook 2007 and have a need to create a reoccurring event once a month and email me a reminder of the event. I've searched through calendar and just may not have seen what I need.
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Let me try that now - I've never worked with task email software included
OK - that'll work. Thank you
I've requested that this question be closed as follows:

Accepted answer: 0 points for fh_freese's comment #a40050780

for the following reason:

Appreciate it!
I provided a possible solution to fh_freese to create a re-occurring event instead of using the calendar, as noted that worked for him.  I believe I should receive points for this as I provided the solution he used.
I apologize - I thought I did award you the points. I wonder what happened?
I saw what happened - I mistakenly clicked on the wrong accept solution in ERROR.
No problem, that's why I objected to the closure.  Glad I was able to help.