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Exchange 2010 server not sending some mail

Howdy all.

 I have a user who states they are not receiving emails from a specific company.  She can send to them just fine, but when they send a new or even reply to her emails, she doesn't get them.  We are having no issues receiving outside mail otherwise.  Their IT person sent me a copy of their logs that clearly states the email is being delivered to our server, so where is the email going?  It's not being caught by our SPAM filter or her junk folder.    I have SMTP logging turned on for the receive connector but don't see anything in there from this company.  

Here is a copy of their send logs.
09:12:36 [44584] Delivery started for at 9:12:36 AM
09:12:39 [44584] Skipping spam checks: No local recipients
09:12:42 [44584] Sending remote mail for
09:12:43 [44584] Initiating connection to myIP
09:12:43 [44584] Connecting to myip:25 (Id: 1)
09:12:43 [44584] Binding to local IP theirip:0 (Id: 1)
09:12:43 [44584] Connection to myip:25 from theirip:51114 succeeded (Id: 1)
09:12:43 [44584] RSP: 220 ESMTP SonicWALL (
09:12:43 [44584] CMD: EHLO
09:12:43 [44584] RSP:
09:12:43 [44584] RSP: 250-8BITMIME
09:12:43 [44584] RSP: 250-ENHANCEDSTATUSCODES
09:12:43 [44584] RSP: 250 SIZE 100000000
09:12:43 [44584] CMD: MAIL FROM:<> SIZE=37511
09:12:43 [44584] RSP: 250 2.1.0 Sender OK
09:12:43 [44584] CMD: RCPT TO:<>
09:12:43 [44584] RSP: 250 2.0.0 Ok
09:12:43 [44584] CMD: RCPT TO:<>
09:12:43 [44584] RSP: 250 2.0.0 Ok
09:12:43 [44584] CMD: DATA
09:12:44 [44584] RSP: 354 3.0.0 End Data with <CR><LF>.<CR><LF>
09:12:49 [44584] RSP: 250 2.6.0 Message Accepted
09:12:49 [44584] CMD: QUIT
09:12:49 [44584] RSP: 221 2.0.0 Bye
09:12:49 [44584] Delivery for to has completed (Delivered)
09:12:49 [44584] Delivery for to has completed (Delivered)
09:12:51 [44584] Delivery finished for at 9:12:51 AM    [id:x84844584]

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated as I am completely stumped.  Thank you
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Run a blacklist check on the senders domain/ smtp server ip address.  Next check the Exchange server is message filtering enabled?  May have to whitelist the sender's domain / email address.
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Not on blacklist, no filtering and added their domain to my spam filter white list.  Still nothing.
Ok, now for a weird new twist.  I checked the logs again and lo and behold I see an email from that person and the exchange server states it was delivered but the user says she never got it.  I check the msgtrk log and there is nothing in it from the sender but I do see the connection in the recv log.  Just to make things worse, I can receive emails from them just fine, but two users cannot.  I checked their outlook clients and they have no rules or anything set up.
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Check the JUNK folder for the recipient.
Also look  for any inbox Rules that are present - some Rules are not marked "stop processing more rules" and this can lead to multiple rules firing.
Check the Deleted Item Retention for the INBOX and see if items are available to be recovered.

A good test is to mock up an email from that sender (SMTP session direct to your Edge or relay server) and track the message in.
If it is getting to Exchange, then it should be getting delivered. Use delivery reports to see whether the message has been delivered.

If it is, then it is Outlook rules. Backup all rules, trash the profile, create a new one and launch Outlook using /cleanclientrules.
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No other suggestions helped and the issue seemed to have resolved itself.