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Is there a good solution to backing up physical servers to virtual servers for business contiunity and diaster recovery?

I am looking for a solution for a backup data center. We have 10 physical servers in our HQ. We would like to be able to backup our servers to a Virtual Server in the backup facility. We currently use VMware for test environments. We would like to be able to backup our critical servers to a virtual server in our backup facility. So in the event of a server outage, we can simply "turn on" the virtual server and keep up and running. Does anyone have any good suggestions for this?
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VMWare converter can do this for you:
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I am looking for a solution to always backup physical servers to vm every night. Does VMware converter do this?
No, VMware Converter will not do this automatically, it will do it once, assisted!

You will want to look at the following products by Storagecraft.

other products are available from DoubleTake HA
You can also look into Acronis which is pricey but reliable.

I am trying to figure out though, why you think a p2v solution would be your best DR solution ?
The solution would most probably be most ideally suited to what you need, e.g. webservers  (you can have a standby spare as DR etc)
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This is in the event that our HQ is completely inaccessible or damaged. We are an ambulance company for several cities so we have to stay online all the time. I'm just thinking physical to virtual would be my better bet when it comes to keeping servers up and running for business continuity.
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I echo Andrew's sentiment.

A one time P2V then moving to virtual, will allow you to take periodic snapshots of the VM and apply in the event you need to failover.
There are services that will integrate this into your current backup scheme, and even provide the off-site storage and recovery environments.  The trick is finding one that will do it for physical and virtual servers.  It's often a cost-effective backup/DR solution for the small/midsize business market.

Here's one:
Lot's of backup programs will do this in case of a physical server failure.

Storagecraft will let you mount a backup image as production server using Oracle Virtualbox (free).

Once you have the physical box backup ,you can run a program that will sync the files on the main box.
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Great Idea. We are in the process of moving everything virtual. Thanks for the suggestion.