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Delayed email arriving on Outlook 2013

Last Modified: 2014-07-28
I have a customer who has just replaced his computer with Windows 7 and Office 2013.

He is using Outlook 2013 for email. He has his own domain name and email hosting with a hosting company ( I am unsure who looks after this at present. I will most probably contact them if the problem  continues or I am advised to do from you guys )

The email is set up as a POP account using the POP server "mail.his domainname.com"

The problem is the delay in receiving emails on Outlook. He receives the email on his iPhone without delay but if he checks on Outlook - even after clicking send/receive - the email does not appear and can take a good while - up to an hour or so in some cases - before it is received.

He always receives the emails eventually. The iPhone and Outlook are the only two places he gets his email and they are both set to leave the message on the server.  It is also visible in webmail although he doesn't use it.

I haven't seen the problem and tested it fully as yet, I just wanted some ideas of where the problem may lie and what the best course of action to take before I go and see him.

Any help is fully appreciated.
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Peter HausslSoftware Developer

POP Protocol is not connected permanently (like eg. an Exchange solution) i it queried form time to time.
How often mails from Server are picked is dependent from the Setting of the Mail Client.

What you are describing is basically bringing me to the idea that iPhone is collecting mails more often (eg. every 1 Minute) and the Desktop Client less often (eg. every 10 Minute)

Have you checked the scheduling already?



Thanks for the prompt reply.

I have checked scheduling and had it changed from 30 minutes to 5 minutes.

The problem is that, even if send/receive / F9 are used, the emails don't appear promptly - or so I am told!

There are no error messages or anything like that. The broadband connection is working OK and reasonably speedy.

I do think I need to visit to take a proper look but if anybody has any further ideas or things I could/should check, I would be grateful.
Software Developer
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As I mentioned in my question, the delay can be anything up to an hour. We aren't talking about a few seconds or a couple of clicks on send/receive.

Or so I am told. I think I really need to see the problem for myself to assess the actual problem. I just wanted some ideas in case what I am told turns out to be the truth!

I could consider IMAP as an option and may look at that as a potential solution if needed.


I went to see the customer and couldn't find anything wrong. He hasn't been complaining since.
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