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Not showing some records in SQL Select statement

Hi all.

I have the following SELECT statement:

SELECT Builder, Community, Charts,Concat(Users.firstname, ' ', Users.lastname) As Super, Concat(ProjectManagers.FirstName, ' ', ProjectManagers.LastName) As ProjectManager, Concat(Salesperson.FirstName, ' ', Salesperson.LastName) As Salesperson,
   SUM(CASE WHEN FieldSuperDataEntry.Type=1 THEN 1 ELSE 0 END) as Slabs, 
   SUM(CASE WHEN FieldSuperDataEntry.Type=2 THEN 1 ELSE 0 END) as DriedIn,
   COUNT(FieldSuperDataEntry.Type) as TotalCombined
FROM BuilderCommunity LEFT OUTER JOIN FieldSuperDataEntry  ON BuilderCommunity.BuilderCommunityID = FieldSuperDataEntry.BuilderCommunityID LEFT OUTER JOIN FieldSuperAssignment ON BuilderCommunity.BuilderCommunityID = FieldSuperAssignment.BuilderCommunityID LEFT OUTER JOIN Users ON FieldSuperAssignment.UserID = Users.userid LEFT OUTER JOIN ProjectManagerAssignment ON BuilderCommunity.BuilderCommunityID = ProjectManagerAssignment.BuilderCommunityID LEFT OUTER JOIN ProjectManagers ON ProjectManagerAssignment.ProjectManagerID = ProjectManagers.ProjectManagerID LEFT OUTER JOIN SalespersonAssignment ON BuilderCommunity.BuilderCommunityID = SalespersonAssignment.BuilderCommunityID LEFT OUTER JOIN Salesperson ON SalespersonAssignment.SalesPersonID = Salesperson.SalesPersonID LEFT OUTER JOIN JobType ON FieldSuperDataEntry.Type = JobType.jobtypeid WHERE FieldSuperDataEntry.CompletedFloorJob IS NULL AND FieldSuperDataEntry.Status IS NULL  AND BuilderCommunity.Status = 'Active'   
GROUP BY Builder, Community, Super, ProjectManager, SalesPerson
ORDER BY Builder, Community, Super, ProjectManager, Salesperson

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It shows all of the counts for each community unless there is a community where ALL of it's data in the FieldSuperDataEntry table has either FieldSuperDataEntry.CompletedFloorJob = 'Completed' or FieldSuperDataEntry.Status = 'Completed', with these communities, they are NOT INCLUDED in the results. They should be included but with Slabs = 0, DriedIn = 0 and TotalCombined = 0.

Now, if a community does not have any data in the FieldSuperDataEntry table, then they are correctly appearing in the results with Slabs = 0, DriedIn = 0 and TotalCombined = 0.

How can I change my select statement to include ALL communities even those where all of it's data in the FieldSuperDataEntry table is already completed?

Thank you in advance.
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Thanks! I have to do the same thing for our MySQL database, but I know FULL OUTER JOIN doesn't exist in MySQL so I'll post another question.