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windows xp copy and paste

I don't use XP anymore but I had a few people tell me they can't copy and paste a file with the same name into the same folder, that they used to be able to.    Seems to have started a couple of months ago.   This does not appear to be a permissions issue.
On the users desktop  (or any other folder; my docs, my music), they have an adobe document (or any other file; word, excel, text) called XXX.
They right click and choose copy.   Then go over to an empty spot, in the same folder, desktop, etc. and click paste.
They get an error (see attached):
'Cannot copy 'XXX':  The operation completed successfully.   Put it doesn't copy.    I thought it used and then would place a copy of the same file with either a '(1)' or the word 'copy' next to it.  But it has been a while since I used XP.    I've seen this on multiple XP machines.
Let me know if you have a solution, and thank you
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Maybe it is a GP.   That's a good point.   I didn't think there were changes made to it.
Could you point in a direction to check, if possible?
If it is the same name, XP will ask if you want to overwrite the file. It has always done this for me and my current XP Machine (Virtual, fully updated) does the same thing.

I don't understand the error you are getting (copy error, copy done).

Check one of the machine for complete updates (updates came in April and early May). Then check for viruses and malware.
No, I have never used GPO since I'm the only one here.  I have seen in other questions where people weren't allowed to do some things based on GPO.  That why I asked.

Another thing.  Do the users have Admin privileges on their machines?  Again, since I am the only one here, I always run as an Admin so I can do whatever I want.
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Dave, all good points!
Most of the users are not.
But I have verified 1 user is an admin.   Even on the users who aren't admins, I went in and verified that they had full control of a 'test' folder.
That said, I wonder if there are additional 'full permissions' I need to apply.  EG full permissions for 'system', 'everyone', etc.
Give me a bit.
I like the GP idea/cause.
That is a strange error message since the "operation completed successfully" part seems incorrect.  Is it possible you are trying to do two procedures at once?

Otherwise your Clipboard may be corrupted.  Can you copy/paste into other fields, such as WordPad?
Run SFC /SCANNOW from a command prompt to try to fix it.
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Hi Dave-
I haven't figured out where yet, but it is definetely a GP that is causing the issue.   When I disabled all the GP then the copy works.
Thank you for your help.   Now off to figure out the setting.
You're welcome, glad to help.  A GP blocking copy and paste is certainly an odd one.