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I need some help here .. I want to connect a Fujifilm EXP-2500 to a raspberry Pi, in order to save pictures taken with the EXP-2500 on a hard-drive.

The problem in this topic is the communication with the EXP-2500 : I've got 2 options : first of all, a 2wires cable that sends a signal when I need to capture an image. Using this signal in the Raspberry Pi wouldn't be too difficult, but I would prefer the 2nd option : The Endoscopy Processor (EXP-2500) has got an option for serial communication with a printer. I already managed to connect a computer to the serial port, but when I try to "print" an image with the EXP-2500, it only sends my computer a few bits (248 I think), two times the same ~128 bits sequence. But after that nothing more, except a message on the EXP-2500 annoucing a time out error while communicating with the printer.
It looks like the EXP-2500 is sending the beginning of a protocol to the computer, but as I am too young to know how RS232 printing was supposed to work, I'm here asking for help.
The EXP-2500 is able to communicate using the RS-232 port to 3 different devices : two Sony printers (a Sony UP-51MD printer and a UP-25MD if I remember well, and to device called "CP900" -no more infos about this one.).
What I need here is the protocol used by these printers, so that I could emulate the behaviour of a printer with the raspberry Pi. Once I have it, I'll be able to get infos form the EXP-2500 way more easily as if I take the first option (in which case I would have to use a text recognition software to get the patient's name anf other infos...)

I hope my question isn't too specific and that it is explained good enough for you to help me!

Thanks in advance

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Dave BaldwinFixer of Problems
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According to the manual , the serial connection is a remote control connection to control the UP-51MD, not to send data to do the printing.  The EXP-2500 would need to be connected to the UP-51MD and not to your computer.  The video connections would also go to the UP-51MD.

To store images on a hard drive, I think you would need a video recorder, not a printer.


In fact, it's exactly what I need : I need the EXP-2500 to tell the computer (emulating a printer) when to take an image. So that the Raspberry/computer can capture an image coming from the RGB signal (not coming from the RS-232). But for now, as I don't know the protocol the RS232 printer uses, I can't emulate its behaviour.
But thanks already for the manual, it has some important baud rates (for the COM port) settings.
And if someone had an "how-to" explaining RS-232 printing, or a driver designed for the printers I mentioned before, this would be really great!
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I was trying to tell you that the RS-232 is Not a printing connection but a Remote Control connection.  And there never was a 'generic' RS-232 printing or driver.  Printing over RS-232 used to be simple character printing plus control code to choose features.

The RS-232 connection from the EXP-2500 is supposed to control the printing in the UP-51MD.


Ok thank you for these infos. It made me think and helped me.

So the RS232 from the EXP-2500 should be sending some characters and some control code, but I can't read what it sends me (maybe paritiy, speed or Data bits problem?).  Furthermore I don't know the control code, then I think I'll forget the idea of communicating to the EXP-2500 through the RS232 interface.

Thank you very much for your help

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