DVI or VGA/RGB capture on a Rapberry Pi

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I need some help here .. I want to connect a Fujifilm EXP-2500 to a raspberry Pi, in order to save pictures taken with the EXP-2500 on a hard-drive.

In this topic I would like to know which solutions I have to save the pictures, coming through a VGA or a DVI port from the EXP-2500, in the Raspberry Pi. The easiest solution is the following :  An Epiphan© VGA2USB frame grabber. But this device has too many features towards the use that would be made of it : only take a few images each hour (maybe 10!). Do I have any other (and cheaper?) solution to "digitalize" the VGA/RGB- or DVI signal ?

Thanks in advance

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Hi Clément
Fastone possibly, will this be installed on the PI?
Can you give me a picture with details how you have the EXP-2500  setup with a raspberry Pi? And the PI to? Desktop? / TV?
What model is this PI?
Just so I can figure out what devices hardware is connected to what as that opens more choices.
I just use my PI to play movies to the TV. It is model b and has hdmi connection
Yes you could connect it to DVR, but if I understand you, a scheduled capture? is required?
Some ideas for you
RPI camera module
The new Raspberry Pi HDMI Input Video Capture Module is available in three versions: basic, loop through and deluxe and connects to the Raspberry Pi with three connectors. A 26 pin GPIO connector, 8 pin digital audio connector and 15 pin FPC cable into the CSI camera connector.

12 Cool Projects For Your Raspberry Pi
Did you want to have a capture programmable tool to take a screen grab at certain interval? from a desktop?


Hi, thanks already for your help !

The ebay solution isn't what I want, because I may need serveral pieces.

It's a Raspbery Pi Model B.

The HDMI input video capture module would have been perfect, as I nedd the Pi to save images coming through VGA/DVI from the EXP-2500 to the PI.

But if I understand well, the project didn't start ?
Hi, my comments dissappeared? when I clicked submit
Oh dear have to repeat it
Yes they have started this, please do a little googling for your country but it seems the price is around 38 dollars
https://www.modmypi.com/raspberry-pi-camera-board<< this one includes guides
Installing the Raspberry Pi Camera Board
Time lapse video
and there's more
Lapse Pi – Motorised Time-lapse Rail with Raspberry Pi

hope it helps


Yup sorry!

Thanks for these infos, it will probably be useful to me for an other project (raspberry pi webcam), but for this project, the thing is that I would have needed the hdmi input device, sorry if I expressed myself not clearly ...

I may have misunderstood the capabilities of the camera, but (in order to be certain) it can't digitalize a DVI, or VGA, or HDMI input ?

VGA is deemed a dying format clement_nuss
Interfacing has become very vast and that is where the PI is a winner.
 It's designed to automate and run in many environments with the right adapters and connections modules? switches
Raspberry Pi Interfacing
Available Interfaces

There is an FAQ on the RPI camera board here with more indepth answers, click on each
Look in Video
 If you’re interested in the nitty-gritty,
A pure Python interface for the camera module: meet picamera!

Anything is possible clement_nuss with the right knowledge, I have some but not all.
It's growing.
The XBMC-open-elec and the right codecs installed, you have to buy the mpeg for a couple dollars this should do the task
Raspberry Pi Codec Licences
How to Add MPEG-2 and VC-1 Video Codec Support to Your Raspberry Pi

The Pi-Face Digital is the first of a range of interfaces to allow the Raspberry Pi to control and manipulate the real world.

I could go on and on lol.
Does that help?


Thanks again, all these infos are useful, but for my project I need a n DVI(HDMI (or VGA, even if deprecated) INput.... and the only project that would have been suitableseems dead ... Then I think I'll have to buy some of Epiphan's products ..

If anybody has a solution, thanks in advance and again Thank you Merete for these infos !
Well we can back to the drawing board so to speak
I want to connect a Fujifilm EXP-2500 > in order to save pictures taken with the EXP-2500 on a hard-drive.
According the URL you posted the out put
Digital Output      DVI-HD: 960p (SXGA), 768p (XGA)
Analog Output      RGB(2): SDTV (NTSC/PAL) 480i Y/C(2): SDTV (NTSC/PAL) 480i Composite: SDTV (NTSC/PAL) 480i<< so on this you cannot connect via a USB and access the HDD through mass storage device that way you could copy off the files, it has to be captured and will take time sorry.
It will only capture as fast as they are played.
If you could access the HDD directly, take the HDD out and stick it in a HDD  external enclosure this way you can access the HDD directly and copy them as is.
These are self powered and USB
Shopping online there are many to choose from I bought a Welland Sunbright  sata with ide support

Like the  USB video grabber with composite

there is also TV cards

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