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Recommended DNS configuration in a multi-OS environment


Can you suggest what the recommended DNS configuration would be for the following network please (current config. in brackets)

DC - Windows 2012 R2 Server (this is currently the ONLY DNS server on the network - configured with it's own internal IP address only, no secondary DNS)

BDC - Windows 2008 (configured with the IP address of the DC as it's only DNS server, no secondary)

Member Server - Windows 2003 (configured with the IP address of the DC as it's only DNS server, no secondary)

Client computers - Win7 and XP - currently configured with DC IP address as their only DNS entry, no secondary.

Questions - 1. What's the optimal config. for each 2. Is it essential to have a second internal DNS server configured, i.e. should the BDC have DNS installed also?

Thanks in advance
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thanks - just one last question before i accept your solution (forgot to put this in the original post) - the dc was configured by another tech in our organisation - he had as the only DNS on the DC - any idea why someone would do that - is there ever a good reason to do so?
Since is the loopback address (it always translates to "this local machine" regardless of what machine you're on), it should work fine that way. However, I prefer to use the machine's actual IP address. It's really a matter of preference, although the case could be made that using the loopback address gives you one less thing to change if you ever change the DC's IP address. This shouldn't happen all that often, though.
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Great - thanks for your prompt responses...