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iTunes Setup

Hi, i've been using iTunes ever since the first iPod came out, however i never had any of my iDevices synced to iTunes as i HATE the way iTunes tries to manage everything, especially your music collection.

When i copy music over to my iPhone, i drag the mp3 over directly to the iPhone via iTunes and then i can delete the mp3 from my Desktop.

If i had iTunes in sync the it would start looking for the mp3 that i just deleted etc.

I think iTunes has moved on a lot since i first started using it (over 10 years ago) but i still don't like it downloading all apps and music to my Mac.

Can anyone point out now why i should start using it correctly baring in mind that the majority of the music i download is mixes from SoundCloud, in which a lot of these i listen to for a week and then might not ever listen to them again... hence i don't want to clog my Mac up with a lot of music that i don't need or want.

On another note, i just tried to access an audiobook on my iPhone that i bought over a year ago, however it does not show on my iPhone because i have upgraded my iPhone since i downloaded... i presumed i could just open the iTunes app, search for the audiobook again and just download it again (without having to pay for it again), similar to the way music operates on iTunes , but it is asking me to pay for it again. I called Apple about this and they said that i an audiobook is different than music and that you would need to buy it again as the licence is for a single device. I had a big arguement with them about this and they then settled on allowing me to download it for free BUT on iTunes on my Mac, where i'll then have to sync it in order to get it over to my iPhone... i explained that i don't have iTunes synced as i don't really use iTunes, but they've now left me with no choice.

Is it possible to JUST sync the audiobook over without syncing everything else. I have no idea what my iTunes and iPhone will do when i press sync.
Will it start downloading all apps that i bought over 5 years ago that i no longer use and no longer have on my iPhone AND will it start kicking up now every time i download a mix from SoundCloud and copy it over but delete the original mp3 from my desktop?

Thanks in advance for your help.
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