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Auto height calculations

 I figured how to size one region based on the other region size but I need to give the region a minimum size


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checkin_amounts is a report that could be zero rows so I need charges_region to be minimum 120px
If checkin_amounts has 20 rows then charges_region grows along with checkin_amounts region (although it is a couple of px short)

How would I check $('#checkin_amounts').height() to see if it is 120px or more without a lot of code.. I could do it with a if statement etc.. but should be a shorter way. And can I add a couple px to the result if it is over 120?

Is there a way to do it as CSS ? :-)

Thank you, Bill
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Awesome! thank you..

How can I change this jQuery to be inline CSS?

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#charges_region {
   height: $('#checkin_amounts').height()+2 ;
   min-height: 300px;

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It is good enough, the jQuery.css has a bit delay.. but the min-height did it for me.