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Exchange 2013/Shared Accounts

I am hosting multiple domain names in my Exchange 2013 environment and require shared mailbox accounts with the same alias, that is

I have managed to created these shared mailboxes through EAC and all looks good to go.

I can add to any Outlook clients requiring it using

File-Account Settings-Account-Settings-New-E-mail

but when I try to add I get an error back stating:

An encrypted connection to your mail server is not available.
Click Next to attempt using an unencrypted connection.

I then get the option to configure the shared mailbox manually, but because it is an Exchange account I am unable to proceed.

I suspect that the Autodiscovery process is failing because I do not have referenced in my UCC SAN SSL certificate.

Before I go off and rekey my SSL certificate can anyone confirm my thoughts or offer some other solution?

Thank You

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Andy M
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Ran the connectivity test and lo and behold came back with an SSL error.

I've rekeyed my SSL certificate with the additional autodiscover domain.

Could turn out to be an expensive business for the company I'm working for as they are looking at more domains so may be into wildcard territory for SSL certificates!


Hi Brian

Thanks for the update. Yeah it can get very costly for multiple domaisn but as you said a wildcard may be an option for them. Unfortunately a proper SSL is almost a requirement to use all of the Exchange features these days.

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Hi Andy

Run into another issue know that I'm just investigating.  I've rekeyed my SSL cert with a new set of SANs and when I come to "Complete" the Certificate WIzard Request it seems to complete but then just sits there with "Request Pending".  If I attempt to "Complete" again it tells me the request has already been actioned Doh!

I suspect I should have "Renew"ed the existing certificate.

If I don't find an answer then I'll delete the new request and clear any certificates lying around for it and then try the "Renew" existing certificate option.