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Ipads and wireless ?

Hello all,
We have an odd wireless issue at one of our sites. We using Cisco AP’s and NPS to authenticate the users. We have user who can connect and others that do not. They are all in the same building and this happens on different AP’s. When we look at the logs on the NPS server we are seeing the user authenticating but the DHCP is not assigning them an IP. If you use a laptop it works fine though.

Has anyone ever seen this?
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We have a ton of ips we are safe there. Which device would you clear the arp on ? Thanks for your help !
I guess all AP's are controlled with one switch as Vlan's so try clearing the main switch i am not sure.

I am using myself a dozen Cisco AP's in a warehouse but I may have a different setup.

Do all AP’s have the same firmware?
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Can you post a NPS log for a successful connection and one for an unsuccessful connection (even if they are successful authentications)?
It seems it is a DHCP thing . We setup a local dhcp server on the router at the site instead of it coming back to the main dhcp servers our main site and it is working fine now. However what is odd this issue only was an issue with the ipads .. Laptops and android devices worked fine. Setting up this DHCP is not really a solution as it is more of a bandaid until we figure out what is going on.
I had an issue this weekend where I have changed a WIFI password on a wireless modem and after that I couldn’t connect to the modem wirelessly, the fix was on the laptops i had to go into view wireless connections and delete the existing SSID and then reconfigure and it worked.

If you made any security changes to the wireless on the modem you may have to do the same delete the existing connections on anything that has already been hooked up to the modem before, because windows or the iPad will have saved the previous settings and now the security does not match since it was changed and it does not overwrite.
@D.Konig - this is for WPA-Enterprise, not for WPA-PSK.  There are no passwords on the modem/router/AP in this scenario.
THanks for the help once we cleared the arp table it would then work.